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Winter Wind's Vision

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the world around us is a sea of unspoken stories.

From New England's quiet grandeur, to the stately decay of forgotten places, and the wondrous complexity of human experience, my goal is to create images that evoke those stories in the minds of everyone who sees them. 

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About the Photographer

E Winter Tashlin's course in life has been wide ranging and more than a bit strange at times. Through it all though there has been his love of photography, which began in high school, where he was rarely without his beloved Ricoh 35mm film camera. He often had to be dragged out of the school darkroom at the end of the day to go home, where he had build a darkroom of his own in his parents' basement.

Outside of photography, Winter has worked as a product designer,  sexuality & relationship educator, event producer, LGBTQ politics & culture blogger, and a disability advocate. The diversity of people, identities, and lifestyles he's encountered in those communities have shaped his desire to capture the essence of who his subjects are when they step in front of the camera. 

Winter's work can be found in event programs, the LGBT art magazine Salacious, two books on paganism, the jacket of New York Times besetting author Cat Valente's second book in the "Fairyland" series, and the Picture Tells A Story feature on, which he wrote weekly for two years.