Event & Performance Photography

From carvings on cave walls commemorating a successful hunt in ancient times, to the most sophisticated reproductions 21st Century technology can create, as long as people have existed, we've recorded events important to us through imagery

I take great joy and pride in helping preserve your special event or performance through photography. I am available to shoot Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Rites of Transformation/Passage, Burlesque Performances, Fire/Flow Arts, and just about anything  else you can think of. 


Weddings & Handfastings

Love is such a magical thing, and a wedding is one beautiful way that people declare their love for each other. There's something incredibly intimate and special about having the opportunity to capture such a special day in people's lives.


Milestone Events

Many events mark special moments in our lives. From milestones of youth such as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quinceanera, or graduation; to initiations, collaring ceremonies, retirement events, memorials and everything in between, I work with you to capture not only the event itself, but its emotional essense. 




A performance is a powerful thing, often the culmination of weeks or even years of study and practice, and is a work of art in itself. I love shooting performances of many kinds, with a personal specialty in burlesque, circus, and fire/flow artists.